Lethbridge Leanings

 A visit to the beautiful city of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada and was inspired to this hexagon applique I saw in the shapes of coulees covering the landscape in dreamlike patterns, by designs of other artists in jewelry. You never know where your inspiration will come from! Don't you just love to sew?

These hexagons are so easy. Begin with a square of paper the size of the largest one. Fold it in half, from its center, fold about 1/3 of it down to the right. Repeat on the left side so you end up with a triangle (roughly). Cut off the lower uneven layer edges. Open it up and you have a perfect hexagon. Draw several other lines in this, each about 1/4 size smaller. Multiple sizes provide more interest for this project than a single size.

make applique
make applique In a mirror, hold your fabric up and decide where your applique shall go. I chose to fold under each shape edge and finger press them before crisply flattening with a steam iron. You could fuse these on and satin stitch the edges, but be wary of the extra stiffness. Thus my alternative. Pin these in place. Machine applique stitch right next to the folded edge, then take a narrow swing to the left about every third stitch. It gives the effect of a hand applique but takes a fraction of the time.

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