Shaggy Hearts Pocket Pattern
1. Cut 2 pieces of your fashion fabric (I used denim) 5" x 10" for 2 pockets. shaggy heart
2. Cut 2 pieces red fabric 3" x 3" and fuse to pocket WRONG sides.
3. Fold in half right sides together and stitch seam on edges leaving lower opening. Trim seams and turn right side out. shaggy heart
4. Press, machine baste lower opening together. Trace this heart on center of pocket (glance right) on the single thickness side. Fused side will be on the bottom.
shaggy heart
shaggy heart
5. Machine stitch heart outline, then a second line of stitching 1/4" away. shaggy heart
6. Carefully insert point of little scissors in center of heart (fashion fabric, not red) cutting only top fabric and clip to stitching line in many places. shaggy heart
7. Machine wash and dry. The loose denim edges will fray to frame and reveal red heart. Stitch pockets on jacket. shaggy pocket

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