Shirley's Pet Alligator

Friendly Alligator

This is a friendly alligator - no worry!
Print him out. Make him any size you desire. Shirley's 'gator crossed the front of a small child's sweatshirt. About 16" wide by 6" tall. Use 2 colors of green UltraSuede as it needs no edge finishing, it doesn't ravel. Use red UltraSuede for his mouth. Add wiggly eyes, red plastic zipper, white rickrack.

Using suede cut the length you want, cut the mouth in a slight curve 1/4" wide. If other fabric is used, interface with fusible tricot same as the former process. Curve the red zipper the same way with a steam iron on the tapes. Glue tape or pin baste the zipper under the window and stitch.

He needs teeth! Stitch a strip of large white rickrack to the backside of the zipper in a second stitching line.With tear-away stabilizer under the alligator, use some big machine-satin-stitched scallops for the nostrils, eyebrows, and ridges along the back and nose. Tear away the stabilizer.

Cut a patch of red fabric slightly bigger than "Al's" head. Position it on the shirt front, Al on top. Straight stitch around after flue sticking in place and trim off excess red. This is easier done on flat fabric before constructing the shirt. The tail might have to wrap around the shirt back, but this can be stitched back there later, after side seams are sewn. If this applique seems stretchy, it can have a stabilizer placed underneath. Finish by satin stitching edge if a ravely fabric is used instead of suede. Firmly stitch on the wiggly eyes.

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