Denim Jean Vest from Old Jeans - Re-cycle, Re-duce, Re-Gift
blue jean vest Start with a pair of jeans. Measure yourself from the shoulder-neck point down to your waist or below if you prefer a longer vest as this measurement is the vest length.

Measure the jeans from their waist down the same number of inches into the leg area. Add 1" for shoulder seams and cut off legs below this point.

Save them for other projects.
finish jeans vest Remove the metal topper at the bottom of the zipper and discard the slide. Rip out the stitching on leg in-seams, front crotch curve below the zipper, and center back from waist to crotch. Release the lower end of the belt carrier at the center back in order to do this, but leave the waistband intact.

Clip the center back seam allowances at the waist so they will open outward. Press these seams flat. Draw a straight line from waist to bottom leg edge, and stitch the new center back seam. Trim off excess fabric, finish seam with serger or zigzag. Press to one side to be later topstitched. Restitch belt carrier.

Turn pants upside down. Trace back-neck shoulder line on your pants as shown fourth picture down, the dark line. Cut through front and back leg layers.

On the center fronts draw a straight line from shoulder down to zipper area as dark line indicates, and cut off excess fabric. Remove side seam stitching from the shoulder, down about 12" on both sides. these open areas will be the armholes.

All around the front and back neck, press 3/8" seam allowances to the underside. Press the same at armscyes. With topstitching thread the same color as the original jeans stitching, topstitch the center back seam, neck edges, and armscyes.

Stitch shoulder seams, finish raw edges and press toward vest back. With serger or zigzag finish those edges around the neck and armscyes. You have a vest with little investment.     Return to Series 9