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Series 4 DVD - Summer and Winter
Ultimate Ultra Leather
Handle  Ultra Leather with ease: washing, dry cleaning, seam finishes, pressing. This Orchid Metallic man-made leather jacket on the cover stops traffic! Learn the secrets of a "blue suede" dress, too. Orchid Metallic Leather
Bound Buttonholes and Pockets
Where to use bound buttonholes: placement of buttons, buttonholes, pockets, use of interfacing. Variety of methods for making both.
Give Me Liberty
Have you finally found a pattern that fits? Make that pattern produce jackets that each look unique. One pattern and these styling secrets make you appear to have an endless closet!
Open Your Eyes ... Designwise
Add dimension to your sewing for expensive designer touches so rarely seen in home sewing. Use trapunto, Italian quilting techniques and twin stitching with ease. Fill the channels to add even more interest. leather and suede patterns
Headstart Child's Room
Decorate a child's room with ready to cut and sew fabric. Create a quilted wall hanging containing friendly jungle animals with real manes safe for baby's crib and fuzzy to touch. Use Shirley's Weaving Reed to create the mane. Directions for crib quilt, play blanket, and a pillow, too. Watch Shirley make a fun wall hanging
Fabulous Furs
Have you ever dreamed of owning a fur coat? Hate the thought of tiny animals? Hate the thought of cost? Donna Salyers creates the fur coat of your dreams with faux fur. How to choose, lay out pattern, cut, sew, hem; make collars, closures, and a muff.
Correct Collaring
Knit ribbing isn't just for t-shirts. Use on necks, techniques for high necks, round necks, facing, finishing, use with non-knit fabric on patternless shirt pattern. knit ribbing, change necklines
Neat Knit Necks
Techniques for creating the best collars, cutting, sewing, pressing, grading, basting, under collars, notched collars, and shawl collars.
Not Enough Fabric
Run out of fabric? Don't be afraid to invent, add seams, yokes, mix with other fabrics, color block, exterior facing of contrast fabric, create new fabrics.
Open Arm Welcome
Sleeve variations; make any sleeve larger or add sleeves where none exist. Add fullness at cap of sleeve, cut-on sleeve, wing sleeve, and round extensions.
The New Acrylics
Handling crepe, twill and challis; seam treatments, zippers, underlining these fabrics, cutting on the bias, straightening the grain of these fabrics. handling crepe fabrics
Myriad Miracles
Let those clothing wrinkles tell you about the fit and how to perfect it. Vertical, diagonal, horizontal - the answers are here. Adjust for larger bust, make variations of a jacket done from your corrected pattern.
Star Spangled Celebration
Seminole strip quilting and placement on a shirt and padded knee patches to match for a toddler. Update an existing garment with purchased metallic appliques, cord, buttons, braid or machine stitching in metallic. White suit demonstrated with gold accents.