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Series 500 DVD - Business Casual
Setting Boundaries
Series Cover: Outrageously expensive handwoven plaid wool in soft  purples. Match the plaid while laying out the pattern, choose which darts work and their placement in the patterned fabric. Add those finishing touches you see from only the very top-notch designers. Overcome any fear of expensive fabrics that may be languishing in your closet - unused! Add those Chanel touches.

Handwoven wool in soft purple
designer details on hand woven fabric
Sueded Silk and Microfibers
Remember those awful polyesters from 30 years ago? Forget About It! Welcome to Microfibers. The look of silk without the hassle. How to pick projects, interfacing, lining. Micro fibers are easy
Shawl Collars
Add a shawl collar (pattern included in book) to any garment. Clear diagrams and instructions explain which fabrics to use, blouse styles, interlining, pattern layout and cutting. Use Program 501 to make Shirley's Chanel style jacket over this blouse. Series 4 Metallic Orchid Jacket with the fur collar is from this pattern, instructions included.
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Let garment wrinkles tell you how to fix the fit. Vertical wrinkles tell you the garment is hanging too large, while horizontal wrinkles say "too tight." Problems with rounded back? Adjust any pattern for it. Create a princess line for larger bust.
Embellish The Truth
Refabricate: Have you ever bought a fabric you loved, then wondered why once it was home? Save that fabric with cabling and elastic or metallic machine embroidery to create a whole "new" fabric.
Love To Sew With My Feet
Jan Saunders guests, demonstrating the tremendous power of correct presser feet to match your current project: button reeds, hemstitch fork, piping foot, bias binder, braiding and gathering feet. Learn how to choose and use the correct feet for many different fabrics and projects.
Terrific Tubes
Refabricate: Fabric tubes are incredibly useful! Make fabric tubes for head bands, shoe laces, tie, belt, Chinese ball buttons. Create your own fabric for handbags and vests with these tubes. Short red jacket perfect for a fun night out
See It,
Sew It
Incorporate expensive ready-to-wear designer features into your patterns; red and black spiral quilted short jacket. Perfect for a fun evening out dancing. Combine with your black pants and shirt - wow!
See It Again... New Flavor
More ready-to-wear secrets re-using existing patterns. Cut out shapes from wild fabrics and embellish onto plain fabrics. Shirley shows you how to create quality padded and puffed applique. Applique Fun
Home Dec Camouflage
Create a folding screen to update your room. Protect your expensive blouse and jackets with closet shoulder protectors. Match your lamp shade, wastebasket to bed or bath fabrics. Can't afford a new occasional table? Let Shirley show you how to produce one for practically nothing! Folding screen with your fabric
Wear Home Dec Fabrics
Use the beautiful home decorating fabrics available and create smashing outfits for youngsters or oldsters. Log Cabin Quilted Tabard for a little girl from home decorating fabrics; patch and embellishing techniques for more fun dresses, pants, rompers.
Baker's Dozen
Thirteen answers to frequently asked questions. Find answers about sleeves, pockets, waistbands, facings and more. Fix sleeve caps,  buttonhole solutions, hem knit fabrics.
It's In The Bag
Hobo Bag An upscale take on The hobo bag. Scale pattern, material list, construction diagrams, cutting instructions, embellishment ideas provide you with all the tools to create this shoulder bag.