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Series 600 DVD -  Easy Elegance
I fell in love with a couch fabric so I took home the last 2 yards to see if I could live with it.

I draped it over the couch, but the more I watched the fabric, the more I realized it should be draped on me!

This is an elegant fabric so I chose a shapely jacket pattern for a formal look. I quilted this fabric (after cutting out the pattern pieces and constructing the darts) with gold metallic thread in parallel horizontal lines. Pattern family 300
Refabricate couch fabric
Targeting Darts
For fitted fashion, only darts will do. How many, location, size, and type. Centerfront, neckline, bustline, armscye, waist. Shirley offers alternatives to darts for use in certain applications.
Printable InstructionsPattern family 300
Watch Shirley shape darts for larger bust. 
Two Nancys
Lace - pattern layout to matching motifs, seam finishes, underlining, using scallops of lace for hem finishes or accent. Shirley whips up a quick (match to your bedroom) garment bag to store all your new delicate lace pieces.
Irregular Matching
Plaid is never out of style. Versatile for work or play, all 4 seasons. Learn how to purchase enough fabric to lay out your patterns for a perfect match front to back.
Sequin Sequence
Does anything whisper "let's party" louder than sequins? You no longer have to fear this type of fabric with special handling techniques. Shirley doesn't make a jacket in this program, but she shows you which feet to use, how to cut, how to applique and how to stitch. You pick what to make.
Deck Dec in a Sec
Summer entertaining doesn't have to mean paper plates and paper towels when you know the secret of quick and easy Deck Dec. A table cloth for an umbrella table (easy fold and cut), napkins and placemats. Pillows for the chairs are an elegant touch.
Fringe Benefits
Fall Season opens the way to fringe on handwoven fabrics. Learn to choose which fabrics lend itself to fringe, which methods of stabilizing work, which feet to use.
Designer Pattern Changes
Sandra Betzina shares the stage with Shirley to demonstrate an A-line skirt, add walking ease to a coat, fix backriding shoulder seams, generously cut facings, beware Dolman sleeves for short-waisted women.
Luxurious Linings
You've made an exquisite fashion coat. Did you neglect pampering yourself when you thought out the lining? Imagine lining your coat with faux fur for a snuggly warm feeling. Perhaps a black UltraLeather motorcycle jacket should have a patterned silk lining. Silk is an investment, not an indulgance.
Zipper Pockets
Use exposed zippers as a design feature. This child's alligator sweatshirt has a big smile that unzips to reveal his big white teeth. The denim has 8 pockets between the jacket and pants, each with a different color exposed zipper. Feminize outfit with rose applique on the collar. Here is the 'Gator in miniature.Quick make-up bag, beach tote, too. Friendly Al The Gator
Patternless Coat
Neiman Marcus or your sewing room. You won't tell and no one can tell the difference. Just one and one-half yards of polar fleece make an incredible one-layer coat in no time. Mine is teal with western fringe.
Mistakes are opportunities in disguise. This blue bomber jacket disguises two right fronts.  Refabricate mistakes
Denim Dandies
Appliques, metallic threads, jewels, beads and passementerie embellish denim. Silver thread and leaf cut work turn simple denim pants and jacket or skirt into dressy outfit. The soft denim utilizes embroidery cutout surrounded by silver metallic thread.Perfect for an evening of jazz.