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Series 700 DVD - Time for Travel
Sculptured Fabrics
Refabrication: This jacket is made from "homemade" fabric. Shirley demonstrates how to take a pre-pleated print polyester and  create a whole new look. She shows you how to stabilize this new fabric, lay patterns  on it, and emphasize it as she did here with blue faux suede. 
Pattern family 300
Refabrication of suede and sheer
Biased Opinions
Bind your jacket with self or contrast bias for a rich designer look. Proper presser feet for the size of the bias, and professional style pressing makes your project a perfect.
Ever been stumped for the perfect fastener when buttons just won't do? Consider cording, snaps, tassels, frogs, toggle sets, Velcro and elastic loops. Even the lowly button gets a boost here. Series 10 and 12 discuss these as well.
Frogs   Chinese Ball Buttons
Pants Alterations
Pants pattern manufacturers do not test their patterns on real women. Follow me through the numerous trouble spots when trying to fit a pants pattern. Use darts for a custom fit and remodel outdated lower legs on old patterns or existing pants. Business style woven fasions
Cushion It
Upholstered cushions are great for window seats, but let's also make a headboard in fabric that matches your bedroom. Imagine changing the look of your room as often as you change your sheets! From measuring to finishing, for windows, headboard, chairs. Covered cord or welting and smooth cushion options.
Dream Weavers
Don't limit woven fabrics to special occasions, as Shirley uses her fabrics in everyday wear such as walking shorts. Woven yardage does require special care to handle, though. Discover seam treatments, pattern layout and layout, cutting, and finishing. Make a Darnit Doll to experiment with handling techniques.
Knit Picking
Handling knit fabrics can opens a universe of fashion possibilities. A knit print dress is made from the same pattern as a long beach frock. Shirley demonstrates edge finishes, seams, pockets, hems, serging, and recycling outdated or outgrown sweaters.
Love In Bloom
Adorable blooming jacket for youngster; for uses in adult clothing. Discover how to stack and stitch layers of fabric that fluff and ruffle when cut and washed. Padded appliqués, multiple zippers, christening gown. Watch a garden bloom! Black leather jacket with crystal zipper
Stretch of the Imagination
Elastic thread opens the door to special looks on basic garments for all levels of sewers. Advice on appliquéing dance costumes also.
Black Magic
My daughter had wanted a black leather coat for Christmas, but I found my schedule too full for the project so I shopped around for one. $1500. I decided to find the time. Shirley demonstrates interfacings, hems, seams and bias cutting with UltraLeather.
Welt Pockets
Do not be intimidated by welt pockets. Clear diagrams and instructions will convince you how easily this fashion flair can be incorporated into your sewing. Border Print African Jacket
Border Patrol
Shirley demonstrates border prints in jacket and top making. Lay out the pattern many times before cutting to find the best use of the pattern. In this project she makes a semi-fitted jacket with African cotton fabric, Jamaican batik applique and Ashanti wood carvings for the accessory bag.
Travel Vest
Travel Vest with Hidden Pockets This traveler's vest contains  hidden pockets for your passport, drivers license, money, valuables when you travel or shop. Shirley demonstrates creating the fabric and design, laying the pattern pieces, installing the pockets and zippers. Falling leaves pattern included.