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Series 14 DVD Set - Remember The Pink
Celebration in Pink
For the Pink Ribbon campaign, this jacket was inspired by a friend who survived her battle. The applique is from an ancient wedding kimono, cut out and wide zigzag stitched in silver to the pink crepe. Shirley demonstrates the fitted bottom portion of the jacket also. Pink silver wedding kimono embroidery jacket
Add ease to all your garments for proper fit.  For drop sleeves, bust line, jackets.
Prime Cuts
Strips Ahoy from Coming Attractions is a terrific tool for sewers and quilters. Cut multiple strips of various widths on bias or on grain by using the slotted top template on a cutting mat. Teamed with your Fiskar's rotary cutter you'll wonder how you ever did without this ingenious equipment.
Tubular Treasures
Refabrication: Fasturn and Fastube - stitch each tube evenly, turn sheer fabric into upholstery fabric by using multi-size turners. A pillow becomes a work of art using sheer tubes. Create fabric for a blue and taupe vest. Scraps make lattice and tubes
Pin Weaving
Shirley demonstrates how to incorporate a new version of pin weaving into your sewing. You don't create whole cloth fabric, but the embellishments for your vests and jackets.
Scrap Happy
Don't waste one square inch of a great fabric! Fabulous jigsaw jacket from leftovers; wool, silk, velour, refabricated jacquard creates blue-green vest, pants, shirt; Indian blanket coat. Shirley adds to this a simple velour (yes, velour) slacks and shirt. Impact is stunning. Pillows become scrap canvas.
Organizing Your Space
A special section on how to keep your sewing room under control with dozens of tips for organizing. Featured is Horn of America's wonderful sewing room furniture and it's multitude of practical uses. Recycled Red Cardigan
Sweaters and Suede
Recycle old sweaters or new sweaters that you discover you don't like anymore. There is no such thing as useless fabric in my house. I cut up an inexpensive brilliant red cardigan, added red suede trim, button area, pockets, bottom for an exquisite fall coat. I added a matching red suede skirt.
Lethbridge Leanings
Northern neighbor inspires intricate appliqué shapes on simple knit shirt, then I added a skirt in the same fabric as the applique. Simply structured jackets and vest display fabulous fabrics and 3-D quilting techniques. fun blue faux fur and faux suede
Posh Pastel
Fabulous Furs strikes again. This time, fun dyed faux fur. Shirley combines marvelous powder blue suede with same color fur for a reversible vest (fur inside, suede outside) with button out sleeves, and a simple jacket.
Loom Woven
Precious woven fabrics require planning and care. Shirley discusses how to handle these fabrics, diagrams pattern layout, construction and finishing. Blue sweater jacket perfect for fall evenings - it sparkles with electric gold woven within.
The Clutch
Lime Clutch Elegance in a Clutch: Fabrics, layout, cutting, interfacing, finishing. Everything you need.
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Series 15 Double Clutch

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Watch Shirley Make a Forget-Me-Not Clutch
St. Louis Symphony
Patchwork quilt of silks elaborately stitched at each joining to create a vest inspire a symphony of matching pants, blouses, T's, skirts, jackets. Bring your wardrobe together with a vest that incorporates the different colors of each garment. patchwork wardrobe