Series 9 of Shirley Adams Sewing Connection is now available in Print or for your Kindle.

Discover thirteen new and exciting projects suited to the novice or expert. 

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Shirley Adams Sewing Connection Channel

1 Novelty Buttonholes and Pockets: Buttonholes and pockets bound in any shape or color adds an elegant finish to your garment in progress. Shirley creates a silver fitted jacket and demonstrates bound buttonholes and pockets.

2 Ruffles & Flourishes: Add the softness and flair of ruffles to existing garments and add touches not included in the pattern.

3 Detachable Dandies: Ruffled today, tailored and austere tomorrow. Read the fashion trends and update garments accordingly. And remove them when the trend passes.

4 Invisible Zippers: This necessary device doesn’t need to take center stage. Learn how to hide those zippers.

5 Button Beginnings: Let a beautiful button design your entire outfit. Shirley creates a stunning black leather jacket to which she adds black beads and uses leftover fabric to design and build the matching handbag.

6 About Facings: Improve commercial patterns by adding or altering facings. Choose correct application methods to suit your fashion fabric.

7 Corner of the Closet: Recycle outdated or outgrown clothing creatively. Suede puzzle pieces adorn an outdated men’s white dress shirt. Old jeans filling up your drawers? Create a shoulder bag or a denim vest or a skirt.

8 Scrap Basket: Turn leftover fabric into decorator baskets using your machine’s zigzag stitching.

9 Leather & Then Some: Learn to handle faux leather and fur with confidence. These fabrics are practical and a joy to sew.

10 Bucket Bag: A simple bag pattern with an oval bottom provides the basis to create hundreds of unique and fashion forward shoulder bags. Contains simple instructions for an adorable drawstring bag.

11 Knit Knacks: Create knit tops with no pattern. Simple alterations create a unique look. Shirley discusses seams, buttons, and decorative flourishes and finishes.

Bonus: Simple size alterations for commercial patterns.

12 Added Impact: Silk or fur bordered wraps add an elegant finish to your outfit.

13 Back To The Bog: This patternless coat design is based on the discovery of a 4000 year old coat found in a peat bog in Denmark. Shirley demonstrates finishes, seams, and styles based on the fashion fabric you’ve chosen.

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