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Program 1          Between The Seams  –  Add in-seam buttonholes and pockets to a pattern when other types seem inappropriate or a unique looks is desired.

Program 2          Hang in There -Skirts and pants balance on the body and fit perfectly when you make alterations to allow a perfect hang from the waistline. Curvy figures gain much insight here.       

Program 3          Waisting Away  -Some waistbands are more comfortable and more flattering than others. Your perfect waistband depends on your body shape. This program demonstrates how to choose from the many types, how to apply interfaced and elasticized waistbands.

Program 4          Tie One On   – Several types of tie collars are added to a jewel neckline. How to design, cut out, and apply appropriate to specific fabrics and desired look. These are all removable to change with fashion trends.

Program 5          Soft Touch    – Pillows are great fun to make and instantly rewarding as you create designer looks without high prices. Napkins are made into pillows enclosed by zippers or overlaps. Make Christmas stockings from quilted fabrics.              

Program 6          Velvets and Velours    – 25 Velvets have versatility to dress up or down, but require special precautions in cutting, construction, pressing. Pile fabrics like velour are just easy to handle knits and terrific for casual or sports clothing.

Program 7          Setting In Sleeves     – Set in your sleeves professionally. Learn the methods for a standard smooth cap, a gathered cap, and a dropped shoulder flat cap.          

Program 8          Sleeve Heads and Shoulder Pads     – Provide this structural framework, even after the sleeve is perfectly inserted, some character building may be necessary.

Program 9          Sheer Pleasure     – Thin, sometimes transparent fabrics are used as one layer clothing, or multi-layered, or simply underlined to produce garments which are a pleasure to wear.     

Program 10        Under It All      – Interfacing, facing, underlining, interlining, and linings are explained, demonstrated, and shown as they occur in garments promoting a professional end result..

Program 11        Lining A Coat    – A jacket lining covers up the construction details not meant to show, adding luxury and ease of use. How to cut, construct, insert, and finish.

Program 12        Block Party   – Color blocking is fun, fashionable, and can offer a functional solution to updating garments, increasing size, covering mishaps, or a lack of fabric..

Program 13        Stretch It Out    – Stretch at garment edges can be incorporated by various types and sized of elastic or by knit-ribbing. Six garments show are all variations of the same pattern with different finishes.          

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