Series Book 12 is being prepared for print and ebook release on Amazon. Join Shirley as she discusses professional pressing, silks, patternless coats and more!     No widget added yet.

Shirley has new PDF files for you to download and use at home or in the classroom. Click on the jackets below to see what you or your students might like. Easy to expert currently available. No widget added yet.

We are adding new segments to YouTube and Amazon as time allows. Amazon is running behind by about 3 weeks so my latest videos in Series 14 are NOT yet available. Youtube link at purse     Watch Celebration of Life on Amazon  No widget added yet.

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If you would like the updated versions of the available Sewing Connection workbooks, please use the Books page to order. My Author Page on Amazon is a bit messy as customer books are selling on Amazon and listed on the Author Page. No widget added yet.

Kindle eBook Print Edition Program 1          Between The Seams  –  Add in-seam buttonholes and pockets to a pattern when other types seem inappropriate or a unique looks is desired. Program 2          Hang in There -Skirts and pants balance on the body and fit perfectly when you make alterations to allow a perfect hang from the waistline. Continue Reading

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We are publishing the books for print and Amazon Kindle Download, as well as releasing each episode for purchase or rental. No widget added yet.