Sewing Connection Series 5

Shirley Adams Sewing Connection Series 5 will be available in print and ebook November 8. Visit her author page for other work.

Shirley Adams Sewing Connection 5
Shirley Adams Sewing Connection 5

Join Shirley as she brings you new techniques and ideas to elevate your sewing from great to excellent!

  1. Setting Boundaries: Designer adaptations of borders provide a professional finish and a lovely frame for your face.
  2. Sueded Silk and Microfibers: Luxury requires special consideration in choice of pattern and purpose
  3. Shawl Collars: A shawl collar is equally appropriate on a blouse, dress, suit, or coat
  4. Testing 1, 2, 3: Invest time creating test patterns before cutting into expensive fabrics. It will save your time and your money. Address fitting problems as well as pattern matching concerns.
  5. Embellishing The Truth: Fix ugly fabric with style and creativity
  6. Love To Sew With My Feet: Jan Saunders joins Shirley to demonstrate the versatility of your sewing machine’s presser feet.
  7. Terrific Tubes: Fabric tubes offer endless fun and creativity, whether to cover a headband, add style to a simple jacket, create new fabric to show off as a bag or blouse.
  8. See It, Sew It: Anything you see, you can sew! Gather ideas from ready to wear and transform a simple pattern into the latest fashion
  9. See It Again: Alter an existing pattern to create anything you see in expensive ready to wear.
  10. Home Décor Camouflage: Create screen panels using sheets that match your bedding, shoulder protection for garment storage, lamp shades, and camouflage a box as an occasional table.
  11. Wearing Home Décor: Don’t overlook home decor stores as fabrics and textures abound as well as colors and patterns. Create fun and decorative kid’s rompers.
  12. Baker’s Dozen: Shirley answers viewer mail with a multitude of professional sewing techniques from smooth shoulder caps to buttonholes to hemming knit fabrics..
  13. It’s In The Bag: With any type fabric, bags provide opportunity for self expression. Easy to make hobo bag and shoulder bag look expensive, but only you will know the secret..

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