Series 6 Shirley Adams Sewing Connection

Sewing Connection Series 6 available December 15th!

Shirley Adams Sewing Connection Series 6

    1. Refabrications: Don’t limit yourself to fashion fabrics only, explore exciting possibilities offered in upholstery shops! Shirley demonstrates the use of straight line quilting to turn a wild curtain fabric into an elegant fitted jacket. Edge piping and closures, too.

    2. Targeting Darts: Darts allow you to achieve the elegance of fitted shaping in your personal style. Shirley takes the mystery out of altering your patterns.

    3. Lace: Handmade or machine woven, lace often gets overlooked as it requires special consideration in handling and application. Consider it an opportunity to shine in your fashion design and plan carefully before cutting into your delicate fabrics.

    4. Irregular Matching: You bring home a plaid and discover it is not the same left to right? The spacing is offset and the colors seem to have lost their shine since leaving the store? Do Not Panic! Let Shirley walk you through the process of matching those irregular patterns.

    5. Sequin Sequence: Sequins require extra planning, but they are too fun to avoid, whether a glitzy evening out or vacation fun, do not miss out on these gems!

    6. Deck Déc in a Sec: Don’t neglect your outdoor living space. Spruce it up for entertaining or for quiet evenings at home. Update your deck as an extension of your distinctive style, even in the great outdoors. Table cloth, basket of napkins, place mats.

    7. Fringe Benefits: Fringe can be a nightmare, but with proper stabilization, it can lend a fun and flirty edge to your fabric. Deploy your fringe for something elegant as well.

    8. Designer Pattern Changes: Sandra Betzina, creator of Power Sewing, joins Shirley to demonstrate adding walking ease, creating the A-line skirt, and cures back-riding should seams.

    9. Luxurious Linings: Professionally designed jackets and coats finish with a silky lining that provides ease when slipping on and off, but those linings also cover construction details that might not be so pretty. Lining that jacket is not as difficult as it seems.

    10. Zipper Pockets: Not all zippers need be hidden. Exposed zippers add fun to children’s clothing as well as provide pockets to carry treasures. Alligator, Humpty Dumpty, a kangaroo, and a whale demonstrated. Consider functional storage bags for travel.

    11. Patternless Coat: Leftover silk-rayon in a plaid pattern became this Patternless Coat. As the name tells us, this coat has no fixed pattern, but the variations are endless.

    12. Whoops! Pull success from mistakes with creativity and style. Not enough fabric? Simple design alterations save your project. Sleeve cap too flat? Collar too low? Let Shirley help you through these mini disasters.

    13. Denim Dandies: Denim goes upscale and elegant! Metallic silver thread and cut-work adorn a fitted jacket for a fantastic evening outfit. Add trousers or a skirt.

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