Sewing Connection Series 4 – Ebook or Print

Shirley Adams Sewing Connection Series 4

Available on October 4, prepare to follow your favorite programs with the Ebook or Workbook of Series 4 or the print edition! Programs available free on Shirley Adams Sewing Connection Channel on YouTube.

Ultimate Ultra: Faux suedes and leathers have come a long way since the horrible era of plastics. These fabrics are now produced as microfibers, providing excellent handling, just like regular fabric. While not inexpensive, learn to handle these new miracle fabrics to maximize every penny.
Bound Buttonholes and Pockets: Never out of style, but out of the range of manufacturer’s cost in ready-to-wear purchases. Create that elegant touch because you can make it yourself.
Give Me Liberty: You have the freedom to alter any commercial pattern to suit your style.
Head Start Child’s Room: Decorate a child’s room.
Fabulous Fur: Create stunning fashion with the first lady of Faux Fur!
Correct Collaring: Establish roll line; tape lapel; stitch notch area; pressing and finishing.
Neat Knit Necks: Knit ribbing provides a professional finish for some woven fabrics, but not all.
Not Enough Fabric: Don’t panic, use techniques the professionals use to save your project.
Open Arm Welcome: Enlarge your sleeves in any of several ways while maintaining your style.
The New Acrylics: Take a fresh look at new acrylics.
Myriad Miracles: Simple alterations make your commercial pattern fit properly.
Star Spangled Celebration: Translate a patriotic theme tastefully onto fashion and fashion accessories.



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